The Walk

29. Juni 2024

The Walk

The Walk
The Walk

is a work in constant progress composed of several hundreds, maybe thousands of figures walking in line. Carrying a sometimes golden sphere. Each of them about 4“ high. Though all of them are alike, each of them has individual features. Unique Characters.
The assembly depends on the conditions of the local site.

colour doesn’t matter

At first glance you may recognize just an anonymous mass. But though they are only indicated with very few details, each figure appears as an individual.

Looking closer while passing by you almost feel their various emotions: energetic, anxious, determined, graceful, stoic, loving, protective, hurt, relaxed, joyful, excited. The only thing you don’t see is the colour of their skin. Cause #colordoesntmatter.

Green Stuff

The figures are modeled from Green Stuff.
GS is a two-component modeling clay originally designed for filling gaps or modeling additional details to miniatures for tabletop role-playing games.
Katrin made me aware of this great material.

So back in the 2000s when I was traveling a lot, I started modeling with Green Stuff. You can work with it in the finest hotel, cause its clean, it doesn’t dust away like plaster or clay and it cures overnight so it can be thrown into the suitcase without deforming.⠀
Sometimes it was a little tricky especially at airports when they checked my luggage only to discover some suspicious plastic material, coiled wire and a pair of wire cutters. ⠀
But in the end they understood that you have to risk everything for the arts.⠀

The source

Though I actually had been dealing with this kind of figures for a long time now, it seems to me that something completely new appeared which I didn’t had in mind before. THE WALK came to me in an instant from another source without thinking about it. Feels like it had been there all along.


I had to change the frequency to recognize and download it. Its kind of an audible frequency you only hear with your inner ear. However, in my opinion the primary skill in all creative activities is to find this frequency. Wether you write a song, a novel, wether you paint, shoot a movie or raise your kids, attentive listening is always the most important thing.
To listen calmly creates the kind of awareness from which something new can arise. Something you never knew you could do. Something that goes beyond what you could imagine. ⠀

So listen and learn. Listening you’ll pave your unique way through life.⠀
And listening you’ll cherish the paths of each and every other being.


Viewers connotations

»The Walk« raises questions. Though I’m a viewer as anybody else, it’s always encouraging to hear what other people associate with it.
Here are some examples:⠀

»It’s a peaceful protest«⠀
»This is what it looks like at the European borders.«⠀
»Everyone has to carry their burden.«⠀
»We all are on our path of life«⠀
»We are all together in this«⠀
»They carry the treasures of their experiences.«⠀
»Aren’t they maybe not humans at all, but higher beings?«⠀
»It’s a Journey to Inspiration.«⠀
»Are they coming or leaving?«⠀
»Everybody has a precious gift.«
»It’s a silent demo«
»They carry their souls before them«

»Wherever we come from wherever we go, we are all on our way. Each and everyone of us with their own special gifts and talents.«

What do you see?

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