In the highest room of a dark tower in the hills … evil threatens.
A sorcerer schemes, a kingdom trembles, and heroes rise to fight.
When the epic deeds are done, what follows?
Find out, with new graphic novel Shadow, from Uwe Carow and American writer B. Morris Allen.
Cover by Katrin Bongard. Lettering by Lukas Horn.

E-Book € 7,99

cover-image_a KF8_01_0 Tower KF8_01_1 Tower KF8_01_2 Tower KF8_01_3 Tower KF8_01_4 Tower KF8_01_5 Tower KF8_01_6 Tower KF8_02_0 Throne Room KF8_02_1 Throne Room KF8_02_2 Throne Room KF8_02_3 Throne Room KF8_03_0 Valet-1 KF8_03_1 Valet KF8_03_2 Valet KF8_03_3 Valet KF8_03_4 Valet KF8_03_5 Valet KF8_04_0 Cottage KF8_04_1 Cottage KF8_04_2 Cottage KF8_04_3 Cottage KF8_04_4 Cottage KF8_05_0 Tavern-1 KF8_05_1 Tavern KF8_05_2 Tavern KF8_05_3 Tavern KF8_05_4 Tavern KF8_05_5 Tavern KF8_06_0 Wolves KF8_06_1 Wolves KF8_06_2 Wolves KF8_06_3 Wolves KF8_07_0 Hydra KF8_07_1 Hydra KF8_07_2 Hydra KF8_07_3 Hydra KF8_08_0 Roaches KF8_08_1 Roaches KF8_08_2 Roaches KF8_09_0 Ashes KF8_09_1 Ashes KF8_09_2 Ashes KF8_09_3 Ashes KF8_10_0 Victory KF8_10_01 Victory KF8_10_02 Victory KF8_10_03 Victory KF8_11_0 Great Hall KF8_11_1 Great Hall KF8_12_0 Raven KF8_12_1 Raven KF8_12_2 Raven KF8_12_3 Raven KF8_13_0 The end